Hedley ISD Family Survey for 2020-2021

Hedley ISD Families,

We know there is a lot of uncertainty concerning the start of school this year.  The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has begun to give more guidance on how schools may begin to open.  Hedley ISD is planning on opening our doors this August to in-class instruction.  Hedley ISD administrators and staff have been working diligently to prepare for a return to traditional face-to-face instruction and activities. We are excited and eager to have our students back on campus this fall.

At Hedley ISD we believe that the best educational experiences and opportunities for your child are delivered by being present for on campus instruction.  Direct face-to-face instruction delivered by highly qualified teachers is a time tested and proven model of learning that will benefit your child in all subjects and activities. 

We are also aware that there may be some families who will have some concerns about returning to school due to COVID-19. To address all educational needs of our students, Hedley ISD is exploring virtual instruction as a possible alternative to on-campus instruction.  To be clear, in the event that Hedley ISD needs to close on-campus instruction for a brief time, we have models of instruction ready to handle that.  The distance learning we are currently exploring would be for a parent who voluntarily wants their child to receive a distance education for a prolonged or indefinite time frame. 


It is important to know that the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has developed new mandatory requirements for distance learning that are significantly more demanding for students (which may mean more work for parents as well) than last semester concerning:

  1. the rigor of instruction for all subjects and classes,
  2. mandatory time requirements to complete instruction,
  3. policies concerning grading of instruction,
  4. “attendance” requirements for credit of a subject and grade level,
  5. less flexibility

These requirements apply to EACH course taken. The requirements include DAILY interaction with the teacher, class participation, and DAILY completion of work from home. It is also important to understand that if you choose remote instruction for your child, your child will not be eligible for any extra-curricular activities and will not be eligible for some electives.

Please fill out the following survey for Hedley ISD. We need your input to assist us in addressing educational needs and barriers for all students.


2020 Family Survey